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The price of Buysellads Clone script starts from $300. And price of KikFinder Clone starts from $200. To purchase script, you can pay via bank transfer or paypal. If you want to pay with paypal, additional 5% tax will be applicable.
No. It doesn't use any encryption method for code. You can add, modify or delete functions.
We have used PHP language. You need server with PHP/MySQL installed on it. To run script, at least you must have PHP 5.4.3 version installed on your server (Also you need to enabled following extension: php_curl, php_mysqli, php_gd2, php_mbstring). You can also run scripts on dedicated server.
Installation and Bug Fixing. Once script is installed you can test full system. If you find any bugs or non-function features, we will fix it as soon as possible. After that you will get additional support according to purchased package.
Working days: Monday to Friday.
No. Current version is just support English language.
Well, contact us with reference url. We will contact you back with more information on source website.
You can hire one or more PHP developers at 8 USD per hour. You can also hire a developer for month. Our monthly charge for one PHP/Android developer is 1200 USD. We works from Monday to Friday and maximum 8 hours per day.
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