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Advertiser - How it works?

Advertisers are not limited to day based ads, Our ad marketplace helps you to order cost per click, cost per impression and cost per day bases ads. You can order from minimum 1000 clicks, 5000 impressoins and 10 days banner. We provides total 11 types of ad formats. Image, Text, PicText, Pop, Popup, Popunder, Inline Keyword, Youtube Video, Email Newsletter, Twitter, Facebook.

Our property listing helps you to identify popular property based on monthly verified impressions, number of facebook fans, twitter followers and property rating. Search inventory tool helps you to find targeted ads by size, position, price type, categories and ad types.

Social ad posting helps you to create sponsered post on popular twitter and facebook profiles. Social ad will cost you for each ad posting so make sure you have checked total fans, followers before sending ad request.





Get started with free signup. Add some fund in your account to purchase from our ad marketplace.


Checkout our ad listing to buy suitable ad inventory. Upload your creative such as click url, ad description and others.


Send your ad creative request to publisher and wait for publisher approval. Once approved, track statistic with our nice graphical report.




Still our ad marketplace not interesting for you? Don't worry, Out new features will surely get you interested. We have introduced new campaign feature. You can create 3 types of campaigns; website campaign, facebook campaign, twitter campaign. Other thing is you can contact publisher for lower budget or send direct message

  • Get interested! lets see how it works:

  • How website campaign works?

    • Example: 1000 clicks in 1 days, 5000 clicks in 5 days

    • Example: 50000 clicks from UK, USA in 10 days

  • How facebook campaign works?

    • Example: 1000 status likes in 1 days, 5000 status likes in 5 days

  • How twitter campaign works?

    • Example: 1000 retweets in 1 days, 5000 retweets in 5 days

    • Example: 1000 favorites in 1 days, 5000 favorites in 5 days