Why choose our products?

There are lots of company who provides clone scripts. You may have been tired in searching for perfect script. Most of clients finds good UI in other clone script but when they try it, it has worst quality code and lack of security checks.

If you choose our products, we ensure the batter code quality, batter UI, functions testing and resolving of disputes asap whenever its urgent.

Our products are tested in almost possibility of hacking tricks. Each script has tested with XSS filter, SQL injection, Malicious javscript code, HTML parse code, spam checks such as bot requests etc.

Most of our projects uses latest version of Bootstrap and Codeigniter. It means your website uses latest technology in web development. Our code structure are easy to understand for other developer too. Whenever you want to add extra features, it will be easy for other developer to understand and implement.

Buysellads Clone Script

Buysellads is a platform of online advertising. It helps advertiser to publish their banner ads on various publishers websites. Publisher can earn revenue from their blog, website or twitter. View our demo to learn more about clone script.

Price: 299 USD (Basic Script)

Ouo.io Clone Script

Ouo.io is a platform to create shorten link for long URL. User can generate their short link and share on the internet. For every unique visit of shorten link, user will get paid according to their country's payout rate. It is useful for download link where user has to visit short link in order to download item.

Similar Websites: ouo.io
Price: 149 USD

Kik Finder Clone Script

Kik username finder allows you to find popular girls and guys from kik netowrk. User can search kik users by gender, age, region etc. Our clone script also helps user to find Instagram and Snapchat users. View our demo to learn more about clone script.

Price: 99 USD (regular script)

Goo.gl Clone Script

Goo.gl is the Google's product which is used to create short URLs that can be easily shared, tweeted, or emailed to friends. User can track click statistics of their shorten link. View our demo to learn more about clone script.

Similar Websites: goo.gl bitly.com tinyurl.com
Price: 49 USD (regular script)