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Brainly Clone is the largest social network for studying in a group. It provide the best tools for mutual help with school subjects.



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Feature Highlights

Various Subjects

Brainly clone has wide range of subjects for studying. A student can submit his question in as many as 26 subjects. Admin can add or remove new subjects.

Rank System

A student can answer to rank up. We supports 7 ranking levels from Beginner to Genius. With each answer, a student will receive some points.


Challenge system encourages student to engage in system more time. A example challenge is “Answer 5 questions in 48 hours to collect 50 points”.

School Levels

When a new student signup, he must select his school level such as Elementary school, Middle school, High school or College. This is totally dynamic from admin panel.

Message System

The students can discuss questions or subjects within system. They can message each other to solve any question.

Spam Reports

A student can report answer as spam if they find it abusive or not related to asked question. Admin can manage spam reports and take action.

Top Users

Top users includes most earned points by user in timeline such as Daily ranking, Weekly ranking, Monthly ranking etc..


System will send site notifications as well as email notifications to students. Student will receive notification for new points, level up, new answer posted, comment posted etc..

Robust Backend

Brainly clone has powerful admin panel. This allows admin to manage almost everything of front end.

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