Clone is the Google's product which is used to create short URLs that can be easily shared, tweeted, or emailed to friends. User can track click statistics of their shorten link. View our demo to learn more about clone script.



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Feature Highlights

No Signup Required

A guest user can also create unlimited shorten links. They don’t need to signup and login to create shorten links.

GEO Tracking

When someone clicks your shorten link, we track their IP address. Based on our IP database, the country code will be store with user click.

Unique Click

To prevent fraud clicks, we consider only unique clicks and also checks for bot request. We use the cookies and other combination to secure the click system.

Click Chart

Each shorten link has public statistic report. So a user can view clicks by last 2 hours, day, week, month and all time. Report also shows visitor’s data such as browser, platform, country and referrer.

Monthly Reports

Registered users can opt-in monthly click reports of their shorten links. System will send click reports to their registered email address.

QR Code

To access shorten link on other device, each shorten link has its own unique QR Code system. User can scan it to other device.

Sponsored Banner

There is ad management system in admin panel which lets you to manage ad slots of front end site. You can add or remove ad slots from admin panel.

Blocking System

It allows admin to block users, IP addresses and domains. Blocked users won’t be able to login. If domain is blocked, and user inputs long URL with blocked domain. It won’t be accepted.

Custom Length

By default system will generate shorten link with 6 characters in length. Admin can increase or decrease it.

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