Adsense on Link Redirect

When user clicks on shorten link, they will redirect to site. Here they will see CAPTCHA and advertisement from your Google Adsense account. You can customize adsense banner size according to your site layout and design.

Once CAPTCHA is solved by visitor, another popup will appear with one more Adsense banner. Visitor has to wait for 5 seconds to get download link.

This scenario will generate your revenue on Google Adsense account. We are thinking to put feature in admin panel that will show your Adsense earning.

Withdraw Fund

Withdraw fund allows user to payout money via PayPal account. User can payout minimum $5.00 and there is no limit for maximum. Once user submit their payout request, admin can see this list in admin panel. User can also track status of request.

Respond quickly to payout request, so users interest in site will be increase. You can also add more payout methods in future. Currently site supports only PayPal method.

Shorten Link Tools

Mass Shrinker feature allows user to create many short links at one time.

Quick Link feature allows user to generate short link in combination with API key.

Full Page Script feature will generate short links from user's website. User can convert their whole website's link with this feature.

Installation and Setup


First step is to upload zip file in public_html or web directory. Extract zip file and you have done uploading source code.


Create MYSQL database and assign user in cPanel. Open phpMyAdmin and import database.sql file.


Third step will be to configure website url and setup database configuration in config folder.


At last, open admin panel and change default configuration & all done!

Server requirements clone script is developed in PHP language, and uses MYSQL for backend database.

  • Server: Linux (Nginx)
  • PHP Version: 5.4.3 or greater
  • Database: MYSQL (PHPMyAdmin)
  • Hosting: Dedicated or Shared

Unlimited domain license

On the purchase of clone script, you will be able to host script on unlimited domains.

You don't need to enter any license key to install script on other domain.